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Activating as an Education Service Provider in Hong Kong

Activating as an Education Service Provider in Hong Kong

Education in Hong Kong

Education and training providers in Hong Kong have the advantage of working in a professional field that is always evolving and prospering as more people are looking towards improving their qualifications in order to have better chances at a more successful career. Education services are also highly supported by the Hong Kong Government who encourages substantial investments and development in this field.

Individuals who want to activate as an education service provider in Hong Kong need to have the right qualifications for becoming a teacher in a public or private school in Hong Kong or the qualifications to train staff in Hong Kong companies.

Our Hong Kong company formation specialists can give you detailed information about the qualification requirements for becoming an education and training provider. We invite you to watch the following video for more information on providing training services in Hong Kong

Education and training in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an international business destination and the city is also aiming to develop a more internationalized education sector. Foreign education and training institutions can open branches in Hong Kong without any restrictions and overseas education programs in Hong Kong offer various award levels to their students, like bachelor degrees, master and doctorate programs, postgraduate certificates, professional courses, other certificates and diplomas and sub-degree qualifications.

Investors who want to open an education and training facility in Hong Kong have access not only to the pool of students in Hong Kong but also from those in Mainland China and other Asian countries.

Requirements for education services providers in Hong Kong

In order to open a training center in Hong Kong, investors will need to register the school if the institution offers courses for 20 or more persons during one day or to eight or more persons during one training course. Also, education services operators will need to obtain certificates from the Fire Services and Building Department for the purpose of conducting courses in a Hong Kong property that was not initially intended to be used as a school.

Our Hong Kong company formation agents can help you obtain all the necessary permits and licenses and also obtain the registration documents from the Education Bureau for quality assurance purposes. The approval of the Education Bureau is mandatory for non-local higher education and professional courses providers.

If you are interested in knowing more about investing in education and training in Hong Kong, you can contact our company formation representatives.