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Assistance in Drafting and Vetting Documents in Hong Kong

Assistance in Drafting and Vetting Documents in Hong Kong

Concluding documents in Hong Kong

Foreign business owners in Hong Kong who need assistance for drafting and concluding legal documents of all types can request professional services from our legal experts in the city. We are also able to validate existing agreements and perform a background verification before you enter an employment or business agreement – this is the document vetting process.

Those who open a company in Hong Kong will need to draft mandatory documents like the Articles of Association. We can prepare these documents and help you notarize them as needed.

Our company registration agents in Hong Kong can help you with all matters concerning the contract law and adjacent issues, like confidentiality clauses for various types of agreements.

The video below presents this type of service offered by our agents:

Assistance for legal document drafting

Our consultants are able to assist you in the preparation of legal documents. This includes every stage of drafting a contract or other legal tool: determining the needs of the party, formulating the text, observing if the legal provisions for the respective business field are met. When international businesses are concerned, our representatives in Hong Kong can draft documents in a manner that will observe foreign laws and will consider these aspects for ensuring a flawless enforcement of the future contract.

Our experts can help you with:

commercial agreements: distribution, license, service agreements and others;

employment agreements;

property sale or loan agreements;

shareholders agreementsdirectors service agreements and other contracts concerning corporate matters.

Document vetting in Hong Kong

Our company registration specialits Hong Kong can also help you with document vetting: the process of verifying the manner in which a document observes the law and the implications for the parties signing the agreement. The document verification process also includes a background check on the future employee, the future business partner or the party with which you enter a contractual agreement.

After this thorough verification, our experts will grant the approval for the enforcement of the document.

Foreign investors in Hong Kong who are concerned with the enforcement of foreign judgments in the city can also request our services.

Document preparation, verification and conclusion is essential when setting up a company in Hong Kong. Our team assists clients with the preparation of the company’s Articles of Association, as well as the needed amendments to these documents, when certain changes in the company’s particulars are needed. Our agents will give you more details about document preparation for corporate formation purposes.

You can contact our company registration representatives in Hong Kong for professional assistance and advice.