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Buy a Hong Kong Company

Buy a Hong Kong Company

BVlad Cuc, specialist in company formation matters

Ready-made companies in Hong Kong

Investors who want to buy a Hong Kong company can do so with the help of a team of company incorporation experts who can advise them on all relevant aspects. Seeking professional help is important and a company due diligence can guarantee that thecompany you purchaseis a safe option.

Shelf companies in Hong Kong are completely incorporated but they have no business history. This is an advantage both for investors who want to start their activities faster and for those who seek to own a company that has longevity.

The advantages of buying a Hong Kong company

By buying a ready-made company the owner skips the entire company registration process. The legal entity is already registered with the relevant Hong Kong tax and administrative authorities and the business owner does not need to go through other procedures than the final purchase of the company.

The new owner gains ownership of the company by buying all of the shares in the company and being assigned as the new company director.

Another advantage of the Hong Kong shelf company is that is has more credibility in front of business partners and creditors. Some business owners may choose their partners based on their years of existence. By buying this ready-made company you can benefit from running a legal entity that has accumulated years of existence but has no debts.

Professional assistance for purchasing a company in Hong Kong 

Our Hong Kong company formation representatives can help you buy a company and commence your business activities as soon as possible. In just a few days you can gain full ownership for a legal entity and have the following documents belonging to the company:

– Articles of Association;

– Certificate of Incorporation;

– Business Registration Certificate;

permits and licenses, as necessary.

Purchased companies will also have a registered office. Investors can choose to appoint a nominee director in Hong Kong if they want to remain anonymous.

You can also contact our company registration consultants in Hong Kong if you want to start a new company based on your own business goals and possibilities for investment.