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Company Formation Comparison Hong Kong vs. Ireland

Updated on Thursday 23rd September 2021

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Company-Formation-Comparison-Hong-Kong-vs-Ireland.jpgHong Kong is an international business destination that has important tax advantages for foreign investors. While Ireland is a good location for those who want to base their business in Europe, Hong Kong has an important advantage because of its location in Asia. Foreign investors who decide to enter this market will also enjoy the close proximity to Mainland China.
Company registration in Hong Kong is fairly simple and requires only a few steps. If the investors cannot be present in the city at the time of the incorporation, certain steps may be performed using a power of attorney. Our company registration agents in Hong Kong are able to help you during this time and at any stage during the formation of the company.

The company formation process in Ireland

Company registration is mandatory in Ireland. The types of companies available for incorporation in the country include the private company limited by shares, the public limited company, the company limited by guarantee, the single member company, the unlimited company and others. Company mergers are also possible.
Ireland has an advantageous taxation regime, however, it does impose several other taxes on corporations, compared to Hong Kong and withholding taxes on dividends apply for those dividend payments made to a nonresident company or a resident or nonresident individual.
Foreign investors who want to be present both on the European and on the Asian market can open a Hong Kong company and later on open a representative office or a branch in Ireland.

The company formation process in Hong Kong

Investors who open a Hong Kong company will enjoy the city’s location in Asia, the bilingual system that is in place here (English and Chinese are both recognized languages) and its welcoming attitude towards the foreign investor and entrepreneur.
The city has trade-friendly policies and it is a top location for those investors interested in starting a trade or import/export business. A low taxation regime is in place and Hong Kong is currently increasing its number of double tax treaties with other countries. The city imposes no withholding taxes on dividends.
The company formation process in Hong Kong is non-restrictive and easy to complete. If needed, an expert can be employed to help prepare the documentation and make the necessary submissions. You also have the possibility of buying a Hong Kong shelf company.
Our Hong Kong company formation agents can help you open a company in the city of you are a foreign investor. You can contact us for more information, based on your questions and the business field in which you activate.

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