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Company Formation Comparison: Hong Kong vs. Thailand

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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Company-Formation-Comparison-Hong-Kong-vs-Thailand.jpgAsia has a number of top locations for investment, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore included. While most of the Asian economies focus on growth, foreign investors in Hong Kong and in other cities are looking towards finding more advantages for their businesses. A comparison between the main advantages for doing business in Hong Kong vs Thailand can be helpful for those foreign investors who are looking to incorporate a company in the region. If you are interested in Hong Kong company formation, our experts can help you.

Ease of company formation in Hong Kong vs Thailand

Both of these two Asian jurisdictions benefit from geographical positions that create a series of advantages for international trade, especially for import and export companies. While Thailand is located roughly in the heart of Asia and close to an important market, India, Hong Kong is located conveniently close to Mainland China, another important import/export partner.
The time required to open a company in Hong Kong can be as little as two or three days, once the company documents are in order. The types of companies in Hong Kong include the public and private limited liability company, general or limited partnership, sole proprietorship, branch or representative office. One of our company registration agents in Hong Kong can help you start a business in the city.
The number of days required to start a business in Thailand is roughly 20 days, also if the company documents are prepared and the investor has gathered all the other necessary documentation. The partnership, the public or private limited liability company or the representative office are also available for incorporation in the country. Foreign companies can also open branches in Thailand.

Thailand’s advantages

Thailand has a good geographical location and welcomes foreign investments. The country has a growing economy and a relatively stable society as well as political situation. Foreign investors are attracted by the labour force and its costs and by a growing and powerful consumer market. Bangkok is a well-developed city that can be a good base for doing business not only in Thailand but also in the neighbouring countries like Laos or Vietnam.

Hong Kong’s advantages 

Hong Kong has been developing itself as one of Asia’s strongest business and financial centres. Having been a Separate Administrative Region from China, the city was able to impose its own policies and regulations and develop at an outstanding rate. Among the most well-known advantage Hong Kong has for foreign investors, we can include the low taxation regime and the free trade policies, complete with very low tariffs. Moreover, the Hong Kong company formation process is a very straightforward one.
Both Hong Kong and Thailand have pro-investment policies and similar business forms. Investors can choose between one jurisdiction or the other based on the type of business they wish to open and other adjacent costs like office rent.
If you want to invest in Hong Kong you can contact our company registration agents in Hong Kong for more information about the incorporation process.

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