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Conditions for Starting an IT Company in Hong Kong

Conditions for Starting an IT Company in Hong Kong

An IT business in Hong Kong

If you are considering opening an internet business in Asia, Hong Kong is the best place to base your new business. The Special Administrative Region allows for 100% foreign ownership for companies and the conditions for starting an IT company in Hong Kong are fairly easy and the process straightforward. 

Our Hong Kong company formation representatives are ready to help you open an IT business in the city. Hong Kong is a great place to start a business and one of the main reasons is the low taxation regime. An IT company will have to observe all the regulation for company registration in Hong Kong, as well as those for obtaining special permits and licenses.

Our company formation agents invite you to watch a video about the set-up procedure for IT companies in Hong Kong

Start an IT company in Hong Kong

Company formation in Hong Kong begins with choosing the right business type. A company name must also be chosen and here investors have the option to name their company in English or in Chinese. The availability of the name can be checked with the Companies Registry.

Our Hong Kong company formation consultants can help you throughout the process of obtaining the business registration license. We can also help you open a bank account and hire employees once your business is established and needs to expand.

Depending on the services it will provide, an IT company in Hong Kong will need to obtain some special permits or licenses. One of our experienced company formation representatives in Hong Kong can help you obtain any necessary licenses so you can become an internet provider in Hong Kong or offer other specialized IT services and solutions.

Special considerations

One attractive business option for a foreign investor who want to open an IT company in Hong Kong is to set up an offshore company. Our company formation specialists in Hong Kong can tell you more about the advantages of opening an offshore company in Hong Kong.

IT companies in Hong Kong can focus on delivering certain specific services or provide their clients with multiple services. IT companies can provide hosting services, content delivery services, cloud computing or network management services as well as customer support.

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is a hub for technology and science companies as well as innovative businesses. Information Communications technology us one of the main clusters the regional hub focuses on.

You can contact our company formation agents in Hong Kong if you have questions regarding the steps for opening an IT company or if you need business advice and services in Hong Kong.