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Environmental Technology in Hong Kong

Environmental Technology in Hong Kong

Environmental-Technology-in-Hong-Kong.jpgThe environmental technology industry in Hong Kong

Companies in Hong Kong are becoming increasingly more conscious about the problems caused by pollution and have turned their attention towards environmental protection and the use of environmentally friendly technologies. Climate change, pollution and the reduction of natural resources are determining more and more companies to adopt environmental technologies and policies that may help reduce the negative impact.

Environmental protection relies on the development of special technologies that will make it easier for companies to adopt beneficial regulatory regimes. A fast growing market and one with great future potential is the one concerning environmental technology in Hong Kong. As more industrial sectors recognize the need to implement green practices, companies operating in the environmental technology field have an opportunity to develop and invest more in research and development activities.

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Opportunities for Hong Kong companies

The growing interest in environmental protection means that Hong Kong companies that operate in the environmental technologies field have numerous business opportunities. The main categories in which companies activate are:

– water conservation and pollution control;

air pollution control;

– waste management;

– noise control and mitigation;

– energy saving;

environmental consulting services.

The environmental technology industry is also an important employer in Hong Kong, with more than 30,000 employees activating in this business sector. If you want to open a Hong Kong company and want to specialize in matters concerning pollution or consulting services for companies that want to adhere to environmental protection norms, our specialists in Hong Kong can help. Depending on the type of company and the specific field in which it will activate, investors might need to obtain special permits and licenses for functioning.

Environmental and conservation projects in Hong Kong

Companies that activate in the environmental technology field can benefit from special funding for projects, specifically for research and development projects and activities related to conservation matters. Hong Kong has two such funds that encourage investments and projects in the field: the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) and the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF).

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