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Equity Funds in Hong Kong

Equity Funds in Hong Kong

The private equity industry in Hong Kong

Private equity funds are used to raise capital and manage the assets in order to yield favorable returns. Private equity in Hong Kong is an investment option that appeals primarily to experienced company owners and businessmen. There are more types of investment strategies for private equity firms in Hong Kong and include but are not limited to venture capital.

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s largest private equity centers and also a top destination for foreign investments. Our Hong Kong company formation specialists can help you set up and manage a private equity fund in the city. With the right help you will be able to continue to focus on venture capital investment in the Hong Kong and Mainland China region.

Key facts about private equity in Hong Kong

Private equity is used to invest and acquire equity ownership in companies. The funds are used to buy shares of private companies or public companies that have been removed from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The minimum capital requirement can vary, but usually it is substantial. This type of activity is one that requires to investor to plan ahead and generally plan for an investment horizon of several years.

private equity firm in Hong Kong will perform various activities, including strategic planning, financial management, transactions, conducting various types of analyses, all this with the purpose to decide on a target acquisition candidate. The process involves a number of specialists in various business fields like investment bankers, accountants, lawyers and consultants. The company due diligence phase is also very important. Our Hong Kong company formation agents can help you target your private equity funds and our partner law firm in Hong Kong can help you with the required legal advice and support.

Private equity funds in Hong Kong: an overview

Hong Kong is the largest private equity center in Asia and it deals with approximately 19% of all the capital pool in the region. The private equity industry is export-oriented and a large number or private equity funds come from overseas.

If you are interested in knowing more about the market outlook for private equity funds in Hong Kong, you can contact our company formation specialists. You will receive both additional information as well as specialized counselling.