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Establish a Translating Business in Hong Kong

Establish a Translating Business in Hong Kong

Translating companies in Hong Kong offer translation and interpreting services to individual and corporate clients.

Hong Kong is a global business center, with investors from all around the world. Many types of companies in Hong Kong need effective translation and interpretation services and investors may need to use this service as early as during the company registration in Hong Kong.

In order to establish a translating business in Hong Kong investors need to follow a few mandatory steps and prepare the needed company incorporation documents.

Translating companies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a multilingual business center, with both Chinese and English being recognized languages. This makes it very accessible for investors from all around the world to open a Hong Kong company.

Translation companies in Hong Kong offer their services to both corporate clients and individuals who may need their documents translated from a language other than Chinese or English. Certified translations and notarized translations are usually needed when foreign companies open a branch in Hong Kong, as the incorporation documents need to be submitted in either Chinese or English.

The types of services typically offered by translating companies in Hong Kong include:

– certified and legal translations;

– financial translations;

– technical translations;

– medical translations;

– interpreting services, including simultaneous interpreting;

– transcription services;

– copywriting services.

Investors who start a translating business in Hong Kong can provide all or part of these services and will typically work with in-house translators and other collaborators. 

How to open a translating company in Hong Kong 

Company registration in Hong Kong is a simple and quick process. Translating companies can be incorporated as a private limited liability company. this business form has several advantages, among which no mandatory share capital, quick incorporation, good protection degree for investors.

All resident companies are registered with the Hong Kong Companies Registry. Taxation for translating companies is advantageous in Hong Kong, with a low corporate income tax rate of 16.5%.

One of our company formation agents in Hong Kong can give you more details on how to open a company and start your own translating business.

Contact us for more information and advice on how to open a Hong Kong company.