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Establish a Water Technology Company in Hong Kong

Establish a Water Technology Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong encourages both the conservation of water and the exploration of new water resources in order to meet the increasing water demand. The Government of Hong Kong, through its Water Supplies Department, oversees the management of water resources in the Special Administrative Region and has created a sustainable development strategy. 

Investors who establish a water technology company in Hong Kong work closely with engineers and specialists to offer products and services aimed at improving water quality and management.

Our team of Hong Kong company formation agents talks about the main issues to consider when entering the water technology business and the opportunities for investment and development in this business field.

Water management in Hong Kong

Water technology companies in Hong Kong are involved in the continuous effort to improve and diversify the water supply, at the same time offering products and services for homeowners and businesses. These types of companies can be involved solely in the manufacturing of the products needed for water and waste management or they can provide additional services such as inspection and auditing. 

Manufacturers will often produce and sale items like pumps and pump systems, equipment for the aeration of wastewater and/or the biological treatment of wastewater, water disinfection products, and filtration systems.

Water resources in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has 17 water reservoirs and 21 water treatment works, with 196 pumping stations and 228 service reservoirs. The existing water resources include rainwater, water imported from the Dong Jiang River and seawater, used for toilet flushing. The Water Supplies Department is also exploring alternative water resources such as desalinated water, reclaimed water, and recycled grey water. Companies in Hong Kong involved in water technology can provide viable solutions to the current water management and water waste issues. 

Opening a Hong Kong company

Investors who wish to enter business fields related to the treatment and management of water and wastewater must observe the current environmental regulations and those related to the special functioning of these types of companies. One of our Hong Kong company formation experts can help you apply for the relevant licenses and comply with the laws in force.

Contact us for complete information on how to open a Hong Kong company and the different requirements for investors.