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Establish an Interior Design Company in Hong Kong

Establish an Interior Design Company in Hong Kong

Interior designers in Hong Kong plan commercial and residential buildings with an emphasis on functionality, form, and aesthetics. Architecture and design companies will follow through a project by paying attention not only to the particulars of the building and the possibilities but also the style and the taste of the client.

In order to establish an interior design company in Hong Kong, entrepreneurs will have to start by choosing a company type and an available business name. Company formation in Hong Kong is an uncomplicated process and one that can be achieved in a matter of days when everything is duly prepared for the registration of the company.

Interior design companies in Hong Kong

Most companies in Hong Kong that provide interior design services will offer an all-encompassing proposal to their clients. Home decoration is often included in these services and the portfolio can contain not only residential buildings but also commercial spaces, such as offices.

Examples of services commonly offered by interior design companies in Hong Kong include the following:

  1. Design solutions: these can be offered for private homes, commercial spaces or office buildings and each project is treated accordingly.
  2. Home décor: includes the counseling for home decoration alone, popular for residential houses.
  3. Furniture design: a niche field in which designers create and reinterpret furniture for clients.
  4. Design and concept: a more complex service that includes both the creation of the concept and the construction.

Each project is unique and the interior design company in Hong Kong will need to treat it accordingly. Some of these companies can collaborate with businesses that rent property in Hong Kong, in order to provide tailored services to clients.

Company registration in Hong Kong

The interior design company is usually set up as a private limited liability company. Investors will need to perform a name check and open a bank account, after which they can start drawing up the company documents. 

All companies in Hong Kong are to be registered with the Hong Kong Company Registry. One of our agents can help you open a Hong Kong company and handle all the current formalities for incorporation.

Contact us for more information about the requirements to open a company that offers interior design services. We also offer ready-made companies in Hong Kong, so do not hesitate to contact us for more details.