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FAQ on Opening a Hong Kong Offshore Company

FAQ on Opening a Hong Kong Offshore Company

Using a Hong Kong offshore company has advantages for many investors around the world. The city is an international financial center and ready-made companies are available for purchase here. Hong Kong has a low taxation rate and beneficial tax provisions are available via an existing double tax treaty.

Investors who want to open a Hong Kong offshore company can consult our list of frequently asked questions about company formation in Hong Kong for offshore legal entities. 

What are the main advantages offered by a Hong Kong offshore company?

The Hong Kong company formation process is simple and straightforward and this also applies for offshore companies. Free foreign exchange circulation is allowed in Hong Kong.

Are there any special requirements for foreign investors in Hong Kong?

Foreign investors who want to open a Hong Kong offshore company are allowed to have full foreign ownership. However, there are considerations for the individuals who may become company directors and for the company formation in Hong Kong. 

Are there any requirements for residency for opening  Hong Kong offshore company?

There are no nationality requirements for opening a Hong Kong company or for being a company director or a shareholder. However, the company secretary will need to be a Hong Kong resident.

Is there a requirement on the number of directors and shareholders?

The Hong Kong company needs at least one director and one shareholder. They can be the same person, however, the management requirements for other, larger types of companies may be different.

Can I keep my anonymity as an investor in a Hong Kong offshore company?

Yes. investors who wish to do so can appoint a nominee director or a nominee shareholder in Hong Kong. They will act upon the specific instructions and as per the scope of the company.

Can I use an overseas bank account for a Hong Kong offshore company?

Yes, it is possible, however, the bank in question will usually require that you provide the company documents. Our company formation agents in Hong Kong can help you open a corporate bank account.

These questions are not exhaustive. If you would like to know more about offshore companies in the city and company formation in Hong Kong please contact us