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Gambling Activities in Hong Kong

Gambling Activities in Hong Kong

The gambling law in Hong Kong

All gambling activities in Hong Kong are regulated through the Gambling Ordinance of 1977 with its subsequent amendments. The city only allows for a number of gambling activities and any others are punishable by law by large fees and/or imprisonment of various duration.

Betting with foreign bookmakers that do not comply with the law and in unauthorized gambling establishments is prohibited. Our Hong Kong company formation representatives can give you complete details about setting up and managing gambling outlets and gambling sites.

Gambling activities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a very strict regulation regarding gambling and while such activities are not prohibited completely, there are few authorized outlets that provide these services. The Hong Kong Jockey Club has a monopoly granted by the government for all gambling activities related to horse racing, football and lottery. Mahjong and poker are two popular games in Hong Kong and while the first is regulated through a special law, the latter is not clearly defined by law and it is borderline illegal.

Considerations for investors 

The Hong Kong gambling law is designed to control these activities and reduce excessive gambling but at the same time provide certain gambling options to the population. The Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Mark Six Lottery, authorized football betting and gaming activities are the only allowed gambling opportunities and outlets operational in the city.

Mahjong parlours in Hong Kong need to be licensed and approved by the Secretary for Home Affairs. Gambling is lawful if it the games are played on social occasions and are not used as a means of business or trade. Lawful games include those played with dominoes, dice, mahjong or playing cards. Social gaming can also take place in restaurants in Hong Kong or in clubs which have authorizations for functioning.

Our partner lawyers in Hong Kong can give you detailed information about the Gambling Ordinance and its specific provisions for betting in Hong Kong

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