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How to Buy Shares of a Hong Kong Company

How to Buy Shares of a Hong Kong Company

Entrepreneurs can invest in Hong Kong by means of acquiring shares in existing companies or in those listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx). A stock purchase will differ from buying shares and investors can choose which option is suitable for them by talking to a broker or a Hong Kong company formation agent.

Our experts can give you detailed information on how to buy shares of a Hong Kong company or advise you on alternative investment options in Hong Kong.

Transfer of company shares in Hong Kong

In order to acquire shares in a Hong Kong company, investors will need to draw up a share transfer agreement. companies incorporated in Hong Kong have differed classes of shares, specified in their Articles of Association. The transfer, purchase or sale is described in the constitutive documents. 

Share transfers are complete in a matter of days when all the documents needed for the transfer and the agreement are in order. One of our company incorporation agents in Hong Kong can help you draw up the share transfer agreement in order to buy shares in a company. Our agents will need the identification details of the transferor and the transferee as well as the companies Articles of Association, Memorandum, and copies of the latest audited financial statements.

Buying stocks in Hong Kong

You can choose to establish your own stock investment portfolio in Hong Kong. Buying shares in companies listed on the local Hong Kong market allows investors to diversify their investment portfolio. A preliminary research is needed and investors can purchase shares in companies incorporated in Hong Kong but also in Chinese companies that trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

An alternative is to purchase shares in an exchange-traded fund. One of our company formation experts in Hong Kong can give you more information on these available options.

Contact us for more details on how to buy and sell shares in Hong Kong.