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Immigration Assistance in Hong Kong

Immigration Assistance in Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong

Our company formation experts are able to provide you with immigration assistance in Hong Kong if you are considering moving here. Hong Kong is an attractive business and tourism destination and also a city that encourages immigration for qualified workers and important investors. 

The Immigration Department is the governmental authority responsible for the transit of individuals in and out of Hong Kong as well as for issuing visas and other required permits for individuals. The department has several rules and regulations established for the purpose of immigration control.

The immigration process in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an open immigration policy and the government has made efforts to encourage and attract talented individuals to come and work in the city. Non-resident professionals who possess special or valuable skills that are not available at a given time in Hong Kong may apply for a work permit under the General Employment Policy. Before making the application, individuals must have a conformed work offer from a company in Hong Kong.

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is implemented for highly skilled and talented individuals who can increase productivity and competitiveness in the city. These types of individuals can apply for a visa without necessarily having an employment offer at the time of the application.

The Capital Investment Entrant Scheme is designed for individuals who want to immigrate to Hong Kong based on the investments they wish to make in the city. Individuals who enter Hong Kong under this scheme are not required to open a Hong Kong company but must be willing to make investments of 10 million HK $.

Immigration arrangements also exist for non-local graduates who wish to remain in the city after they have obtained a degree or qualification in Hong Kong and also for those who are second generation of Chinese Hong Kong permanent residents.

Our company registration agents in Hong Kong can give you detailed information about these immigration admission schemes and also about the possibilities of family reunification in Hong Kong.

Our immigration services in Hong Kong

Regardless of the immigration policy they choose to apply for, individuals will need to submit relevant documents and make a mandatory application to the Immigration Department. Individuals will need to submit several forms, either completed by themselves or filled in by third parties (the employing company for those applying for residence under the General Employment Policy).

Our company registration specialists in Hong Kong can help you with the formalities if you are interested in applying for residence in Hong Kong. We can also help you purchase a property or make other arrangements. 

You can contact our company formation representatives if you want to open a Hong Kong company.