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Importing High-Tech Products in Hong Kong

Importing High-Tech Products in Hong Kong

Companies in Hong Kong involved in the import of high-tech products must observe the laws and regulations imposed by the Hong Kong Government regarding the import and export of controlled goods.

When investors open a company in Hong Kong that engages in trade and is working with electronic or computer parts and devices, the entrepreneurs must make sure that they refer to the applicable legislation and submit the necessary documentation to the controlling Hong Kong authorities. 

Controlled products and equipment in Hong Kong

The Government of Hong Kong imposes a set of rules and regulations for importing a range of strategic commodities, including electronics, computers and items used for telecommunication and information security purposes.

High-tech and electronic products included on the list of controlled goods in Hong Kong are:

– integrated circuits;

– microprocessor microcircuits;

– optical integrated circuits;

– various types of transistors and amplifiers;

– computers and their specific components as well as software;

– special types of telecommunication equipment and systems and others.

Investors who want to open a company in Hong Kong that imports parts and devices that fall under these categories can request the help of our experts for complete guidance on the company registration requirements.

Importing requirements in Hong Kong

Importing high-tech goods and other types of controlled products are subject to a set of additional regulations, under the applicable requirements for Controlled Goods. The import but also the export of such products and goods must be accompanied by adequate documentation and the Hong Kong company performing the import must have the necessary special permits and licenses for these types of activities.

Import and export companies in Hong Kong need to comply with the Hong Kong company formation procedurethat demands such companies to operate under a valid license. Our experts can also provide you with complete guidelines on the needed licenses and permits and on the needed import documentation.

You can contact our company registration agents in Hong Kong if you have any questions about the requirements for opening a company that operates in the importing business or about how these companies are taxed in Hong Kong.