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Manufacturing Food Products in Hong Kong

Manufacturing Food Products in Hong Kong

The food industry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong continues to export larger amounts of processed food and beverages every year and investments in the food industry are growing. The food and beverage industry in Hong Kong also includes re-exports and the industry is characterized by intense trading activities.

The food and beverage production in Hong Kong is destined primarily for local consumption. Popular products include instant products like noodles, pasta, cakes, pastry products and others that are produced on a larger scale. The food industry also deals with canning and preserving foodstuffs as well as producing seasonings and alcoholic drinks.

Laws for food manufacturing 

Activities related to the processingproduction and packaging of foodstuffs are regulated by law. The main food law in Hong Kong is included in Part V of the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance, chapter 132. Another legislative document is the Food Safety Ordinance, chapter 612.

The main aspects regulated by law for food production in Hong Kong are: the preparation and sale of food and offences in connection to commercializing altered products, general protection for food and drugs buyers, regulations regarding the composition of food and hygienic measures for the preparation of food and drugs, false labeling and advertising of food or drugs, restrictions for imported food or drugs.

Our Hong Kong company formation agents  can tell you more about the legal provisions for food producers and can also advise you regarding the penalties that exist for reaching the legislative conditions for processing and selling foodstuffs. 

Food manufacturing businesses in Hong Kong

The food and beverages industry in Hong Kong has attracted important foreign investments. Domestic exports of food products, as well as re-exports grew from 2012 to 2014. Food and beverage manufacturers in Hong Kong rely on dealing directly with the foreign importers or rely on trading companies to export their products.

If you want to open a Hong Kong company that activates in the food and beverages industry, you can contact our company formation  representatives in Hong Kong. We can help you with the company registration procedure as well as with obtaining the special permits and licenses for producing and commercializing food and drinks.

For more information about companies in Hong Kong, or if you want to open another type of company, like an IT company, please send us an inquiry.