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Nominee Shareholders in Hong Kong

Nominee Shareholders in Hong Kong

By Vlad Cuc, specialist in company formation matters 

Shareholder privacy in Hong Kong

Nominee shareholders in Hong Kong have the same purpose as a nominee director, which is to protect the identity of the true individuals who holds this position in the company. If, for some reason or another, the foreign investor in Hong Kong wishes not to appear on the official Government documents regarding the company, he or she may request a nominee shareholder service in Hong Kong.

Our Hong Kong company formation agents can help you with such a service and help you maintain your private identity as a company’s shareholder in Hong Kong. They can also assist you through the entire process of setting up a company in Hong Kong.

Nominee shareholders: key facts

nominee shareholder is appointed by the actual shareholder to represent him or her. The appointed individual will provide his or her personal information so that the true shareholder is not obliged to do so. The rights and benefits of the true shareholder are also taken into consideration when appointing a nominee for the position.

A declaration of trust in favour of the real owner is signed between the parties. The nominee will have voting right and power to decide in specific matters only as instructed by the beneficial owner.

When investors decide to open a company in Hong Kong, the legal requirements state that the company must have at least two shareholders. If you need to appoint a nominee shareholder for this purpose, our company formation representatives in Hong Kong can help you prepare the necessary documents.

Nominee shareholder services in Hong Kong 

In order to appoint a nominee shareholder in Hong Kong, the two parties need to conclude and sign a Declaration of Trust and, if necessary, other documents as well. Our experts can help you draw up and conclude the documents. For this purpose, the documents that need to be provided by the parties are identification documents: passports or Identity Cards, copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation, details about the share capital and the percentage of the shareholdings.

You can contact our Hong Kong company formation consultants for more details about appointing a nominee shareholder and additional information about the services we can provide for you if you are interested in setting up a company in Hong Kong.