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Obtain a Liquor License in Hong Kong

Updated on Wednesday 03rd January 2018

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Obtain-a-Liquor-License-in-Hong Kong.jpgRestaurant, bar or club owners need to obtain a liquor license in Hong Kong in order to sell these types of beverages to their clients.
Entrepreneurs should know that there are strict regulations in place regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages and noncompliance is punishable by law either through fines or imprisonment.
Applying for this special license is an important step of the Hong Kong company registration process for an investor who wants to enter the entertainment or food/beverage industry. 

Regulations for selling liquor in Hong Kong

Applications to obtain a liquor license in Hong Kong are submitted to the Liquor License Board by filling in the standard forms.
Bars and restaurants, hotels, as well as any other types of establishments in Hong Kong that sell alcoholic beverages, should make sure that these products are not to be sold before the license is issued.
Selling liquor without a proper license in an offense in Hong Kong punishable by a fine of 1 million HK $ and two-year imprisonment. Moreover, if the applicant or a staff member of the establishment that applies for the liquor license commits this offense, then the application for a liquor license submitted with the Liquor License Board may be imperiled. 

How to apply for a liqueur license in Hong Kong

The documents needed for a new liquor license application in Hong Kong are the following:
- completed application form obtained from the Liquor Licensing Office;
- two recent photos;
- ID copy;
- business registration certificate copy;
- copies of the premises layout (only for some applicants).
The application for a Club Liquor License will depend slightly on the type of company. For example, there are different requirements for the needed documents if the club is a limited liability company, compared to the situation in which the club is a society. 
One of our Hong Kong company formation agents can give you more information about applying for this license if you want to open a club in Hong Kong. We can also give you more details about the additional licenses needed by restaurants in the city.
Contact us for more information about company registration in Hong Kong and how to apply for the needed special permits and licenses.

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