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Obtaining a Hong Kong Visa

Updated on Wednesday 20th December 2017

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Obtaining-a-Hong-Kong-Visa.jpgGeneral requirements for obtaining visas to enter Hong Kong

In order to be able to stay in Hong Kong for a longer period of time, individuals need to obtain a Hong Kong visa. The government of Hong Kong regulates the manner in which individuals can enter the city and various provisions apply according to the length and scope of the stay.
If you need help during the necessary procedures for obtaining a visa, our experts in Hong Kong can provide immigration assistance services.

Applying for a Hong Kong visa

The requirements for a visa in Hong Kong depend on the nationality of the individual wanting to enter the city. Hong Kong has a no-visa policy for approximately 170 countries and territories for visits ranging from 7 days to 180 days. Individuals who are frequent travelers in Hong Kong and hold a valid passport can apply for a Travel Pass (provided that they are allowed to enter the city).
Individuals from the following categories do not need to obtain a visa to enter Hong Kong:
- they have a valid Hong Kong passport and/or a Hong Kong ID card;
- they have a British National (Overseas) Passport;
- they have a Hong Kong re-entry permit or a seaman’s identity book;
- they have a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card.
Other criteria may apply for non-visa eligibility. Our Hong Kong company formation representatives can give you details about the documents needed for a visa if you are a business owner in Hong Kong.

Other information for individuals entering Hong Kong

Foreign business owners in Hong Kong can be eligible for the Travel Pass Scheme – an initiative that aims to aid mobility for those who travel often to the Special Administrative Region. This document is valid for three years and can be used to enter the city multiple times, each time for a two month stay.
Applicants must have valid reasons to visit Hong Kong frequently and must have visited the city on three or more occasions, with no reported incidents during those previous visits. An application form (ID 888) must be filled in in Chinese or English and submitted to the Immigration Department
For detailed information about requirements for individuals traveling to Hong Kong for business purposes as well as the complete guide for company incorporation, you may contact our Hong Kong company formation experts.

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