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Open a Beverage Company in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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Open-a-Beverage-Company-in-Hong-Kong.jpgInvestors who want to open a beverage company in Hong Kong need to comply with the ongoing conditions for producing, depositing and manufacturing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the Special Administrative Region. 
Special licenses are needed to enter the beverages industry in Hong Kong and the safety of the products is a primary concern. The food and beverages industry in Hong Kong is subject to regulation and control, whether the items are produced locally or imported.
Companies in Hong Kong that enter the food and beverages industry can also be involved in export and re-export activities. Company formation in Hong Kong is simple and easy and the main steps for registration also apply to a beverage company.

Requirements for beverage companies in Hong Kong

Special permits and licenses are needed to perform activities related to the manufacturing, selling and import or export of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Business licenses are needed for:
- manufacturing of alcoholic drinks including beer, distilled wine or spirits, Chinese tonic wine and others;
- the import and export of these types of beers, wine or spirits;
- the production and sale of soft drinks, carbonated or mineral water, beverage concentrate;
- the production and sale of tea, coffee, and cocoa.
The soft drinks and carbonated water industry in Hong Kong is subject to the Trade Effluent Surcharge. The charging scheme for this tax is established by the Drainage Services Department belonging to the Government of Hong Kong. Beverage companies are required to pay the trade effluent surcharge in addition to the sewage charge because their pollution level exceeds that of an ordinary domestic sewage.
One of our Hong Kong company formation specialists can give you specific information on the business licenses needed to operate a beverage business in the city.

The Hong Kong company formation process 

Company formation in Hong Kong involves a few steps that are the same in the case of local or non-resident investors:
- choosing a company type;
- choosing and verifying the company name;
- drawing up the company documents and opening a bank account;
- registration with the Companies Registry and obtaining the special permits and licenses;
- commencement of operations in a local registered office and as per the safety requirements in the business.
Professional company formation advice and support can be provided by a team of experts at any of the stages described above.
Please contact our company formation agents in Hong Kong for more information and advice on doing business in the city.

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