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Open a Recruitment Company in Hong Kong

Open a Recruitment Company in Hong Kong

Services offered by recruitment companies in Hong Kong

recruitment company in Hong Kong has the task of matching the ideal candidate for a job opening submitted by one of its clients. This type of company will typically have a multitude of clients, but some Hong Kong recruitment companies specialize in only a few areas, like engineering or various services. Regardless of the business field for which they search for the perfect employee, these companies have a double duty: towards the client company and towards the employee who they select for the job.

In order to open a recruitment company in Hong Kong, a investor must follow the basic steps for company incorporation. Hong Kong is a world renowned business centre and opening a company here is straightforward and encouraged by the authorities. Together with our Hong Kong company formation agents you will be able to open a recruitment company as fast as possible. 

Opening a recruitment company in Hong Kong

recruitment company in Hong Kong has to fulfill the same requirements as any other type of company. Opening a business in Hong Kong is easy and foreigners have full ownership rights here. However, foreign recruitment companies that want to expand their business to Hong Kong can open a branch or a subsidiary here that will report to the mother company abroad.

The business culture in Hong Kong may be perceived by some as different from that in other countries. Hong Kong is the Asian hub for business and foreigners may have to adjust to the Asian culture and working rhythm, but Hong Kong is an international city that welcomes many cultures and international activities. The workforce in Hong Kong is highly skilled and qualified and recruitment companies in Hong Kong can benefit from the city’s openness and offer international recruitment options for companies.

Steps for opening a Hong Kong company

The first step for setting up a company in Hong Kong is choosing the suitable type of business. Our company formation experts can handle the company registration in Hong Kong and help you submit all the relevant documentation. Also, our experts will be able to guide you in other matters, such as obtaining the necessary special permits and licenses for a recruitment company in Hong Kong.

Our Hong Kong company formation consultants can also help you with the employment procedure if you want to hire personnel for your recruitment company in Hong Kong.

For more detailed information about opening a recruitment company and the necessary business permits, you can contact our company formation representatives in Hong Kong. Our team can also provide you with a Hong Kong shelf company in case you want to start your recruitment company as fast as possible.