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Open an Agricultural Business in Hong Kong

Open an Agricultural Business in Hong Kong

The agricultural sector in Hong Kong is a smaller one compared to the service or banking sectors for which the city is renowned. Despite this, the Government is pursuing active policies for its modernization and support. 

Hong Kong produces vegetablespoultry and pork meat for local consumptions. Investors who open an agricultural business in Hong Kong often consider import and export activities. 

Investors who already have an agricultural business in one of the jurisdictions near Hong Kong, such as mainland China, can open a Hong Kong company in order to promote their activities and enter an international market. 

We invite you to watch a video about investing in agriculture in Hong Kong

The agricultural sector in Hong Kong

Agricultural businesses in Hong Kong and their related activities are mainly concentrated within the New Territories and the urban outskirts.  Almost five thousand agricultural hectares and several fishponds are available for exploitation within these areas. Almost one thousand hectares are available for active farming. 

The Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department oversee the main agricultural activities and it is also responsible for control and special licensing in this field.

When planning their agricultural activities, companies in Hong Kong involved in this field must consider the local company formation policies but also the special regulations for agricultural and farming businesses, like those for livestock keeping and organic farming

Company formation in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong company formation process is quick and easy: after choosing a suitable business form and selecting an available company name, the company is registered with the Hong Kong Companies Registry. The entire process will last only a few days if all of the incorporation documents are in order. 

Most agricultural businesses in Hong Kong, with the help of the Government and its current policies, are pursuing a sustainable development approach in agriculture and are setting forth a favorable framework for these types of activities among the constant territorial development in the Special Administrative Region.

If you would like to know more about the agricultural sector in Hong Kong and how to start a business, please contact one of our Hong Kong company formation agents.