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Open an Amazon Store in Hong Kong

Updated on Monday 05th September 2022

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Open-an-Amazon-Store-in-Hong-Kong.jpgAmazon is the largest Internet retailer in the world, offering its services to clients worldwide. Its main activity consists of the retail sale of consumer goods, among which clothing, accessories, consumer electronics, digital content, and, more recently, whole foods. The merchandise provided through its online portals originates from vendors and third-party sellers.
Investors who open an Amazon store in Hong Kong benefit not only from a good location in Asia but also from the low tax rates and the simple company incorporation procedure. Our Hong Kong company formation agents detail the steps needed to open an Amazon business.
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Reasons to open an Amazon business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a good location to base an Amazon business, first from a geographical point of view: its proximity to Mainland China and secondly from a taxation point of view: companies in Hong Kong benefit from a low taxation regime.
Investors who open an Amazon store in Hong Kong can sell on the Amazon US market. Furthermore, Hong Kong is included on Amazon’s list of countries accepted for registration on
Registered companies in Hong Kong can issue invoices, negotiate and do business with other corporations worldwide. Moreover, as a legal entity, Amazon stores can export and import items. If you are thinking of setting up a company in Hong Kong as an Amazon business, our team is ready to guide you.

Getting your Amazon store started in Hong Kong

The primary concern for investors who wish to open an Amazon store is to incorporate a company. In Hong Kong, the private limited liability company is the preferred business form because it has no requirements for a minimum share capital, registration with the Companies Registry is a simple one and business owners can start trading in a minimum number of days.
Because Amazon focuses on improving customer experience, affiliated or third-party sellers are also adopting this customer-friendly policy. Amazon stores based in Hong Kong should provide a number of payment options, including payment via PayPal and via credit or debit card. In order to accept such payments from clients, online stores in Hong Kong need to set up a merchant account.
Opening a bank account and a merchant account is one of the initial steps needed to open a Hong Kong company.
For detailed information about the process of setting up a company in Hong Kong, you can contact our Hong Kong company formation specialists.

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