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Opening a Daycare Center for Children in Hong Kong

Opening a Daycare Center for Children in Hong Kong

Expats and nationals in Hong Kong will look to find the most suitable kindergarten or daycare center for their little ones. The existing centers offer daycare services for children of many ages, from nurseries to creches. 

Investors interested in opening a daycare center for children in Hong Kong can request the services provided by our Hong Kong company formation agents.

Types of children care centers in Hong Kong

The following types of services are often listed as childcare in Hong Kong:

  • • Child care center: day care services for infants and children of up to three years of age;
  • • Kindergarten:  day care and education for children under six years of age;
  • • Child care center with free remission: this is a daycare center for children from low-income families who can apply for whole or partial coverage for these services;
  • • Occasional child care: this type of service offers occasional assistance and, usually part-time or on a seasonal basis.

Daycare centers are also in place for the care of children with moderate or severe disabilities. Investors can choose the types of services they will provide and equip the daycare center accordingly. The expenses for making the child care center welcoming for the little ones need to be included in the general startup costs for company formation in Hong Kong

Conditions for opening a daycare center for children in Hong Kong

According to the Child Care Services Ordinance, child care centers need to observe certain conditions in order to offer a safe environment for the children. Their wellbeing, as well as their social and intellectual development, are important and daycare centers in Hong Kong need to cater to these needs.

Daycare centers for children are registered with the Child Care Centers Advisory Inspectorate and are also monitored by this institution. The governing body is the Social Welfare Department.

Our team of agents who specialize in company registration in Hong Kong can give you more details about the steps for opening a company.

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