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Opening an Electronics Company in Hong Kong

Opening an Electronics Company in Hong Kong

The electronics industry in Hong Kong

The electronics industry in Hong Kong is one of the most developed business sectors in the city and also the largest export earner, accounting for more than half of Hong Kong’s exports. Investors who open an electronics company in Hong Kong can invest in a variety of electronic products and parts. Most of the products manufactured by these types of companies are high-tech products, like telecommunications equipment or computer pieces and items.

Our Hong Kong company formation agents can give you detailed information about the features of the electronics industry in Hong Kong and can help you establish a business in this sector.

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Opportunities for investors

Hong Kong produces and exports most of the high-tech products its companies develop. The city is one of the world’s largest mobile phones exporter and also of the largest exporters of electronic integrated circuits. The Chinese Mainland is one of the most important import and export partners for the electronic trade sector.

Electronic enterprises in Hong Kong usually open a company in Hong Kong that will function as the head office but base their production facilities in the Chinese mainland because space in Hong Kong is not as generous for large production plants. Electronics companies in Hong Kong also focus an important part of their activities on providing the best services to their clients, at the same time investing in R&D activities and product design and development.

An electronics company in Hong Kong

Electronics manufacturers in Hong Kong need to obtain quality assurance approvals and other licenses and permits in order to be able to manufacture special products and parts. If you want to open a Hong Kong company that produces electronic components and devices, our experts can help you with company registration in Hong Kong and comply with the requirements for companies that activate in this business field.

Hong Kong electronics companies need to comply with the technical requirements for the overseas markets if they want to export their products. These requirements can include the necessary accreditations for quality assurance and environmental management systems, the ISO accreditations.

Our Hong Kong company formation representatives can help you with further advice and assistance for operating an electronics company in Hong Kong. You can contact us if you have questions.