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Owning a Shipping Company in Hong Kong

Owning a Shipping Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong shipping companies

Shipping companies in Hong Kong provide the needed services for marine transportation of goods. The shipping company will have one or more ships, depending on the size of the company and the countries to which the shipments are made. Hong Kong is an international business center and import and export activities are intense in the Victoria Harbour.

Shipping companies will often work closely with other businesses, like freight brokers or freight forwarders to provide complete shipping services to and from Hong Kong. A shipping company in Hong Kong is set up as any other type of company and will have to obtain special permits and licenses for functioning.

Our Hong Kong company formation experts know all about the shipping industry in the Special Administrative Region and can give you professional advice regarding shipping and transportation companies in Hong Kong.

The following video summarizes the process of opening a shipping company in Hong Kong

Start a shipping company in Hong Kong

shipping company can handle the transportation of general goods or can choose a well-defined market. While most freight-forwarders usually transport various types of cargo, some transporters can focus on transporting just certain types of goods. Some cargo will require special attention and special measures for transportation. The decision to focus on one type of cargo or another can be made after making a thorough investigation of the market status. With the right help, you can determine where to focus our efforts and develop a strong client base.

Our company formation representatives in Hong Kong can help you open a shipping company and make all the necessary business arrangements. We will start by choosing the most appropriate business form, and then move towards incorporating the company and hiring employees. Finally, our experts can help you with company management in Hong Kong.

Imports and exports in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an important import and export center. Victoria Harbour is one of the busiest ports in the world. The Special Administrative Region has always encouraged import and export activities through special measures and an attractive taxation regime. International shipping activities are exempt from profits tax and Hong Kong is known for its free port status. The customs procedures are easy and these string points have encouraged the success of import and export activities.

If you want to open a Hong Kong company, our experts can help you enter the shipping market. You can contact our Hong Kong company formation agents for detailed information.