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Purchase a Domain Name in Hong Kong

Purchase a Domain Name in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong domain name

Companies incorporated in Hong Kong can choose to purchase a domain name that will help them establish an online presence and promote their business. Hong Kong has a separate domain code from China, which allows businesses incorporated here to be distinct from those in the Mainland.

The Hong Kong domain code is .hk and various other extensions like .com or .org ca be used in front of the hk” code. The Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation is the one authorised by the Government to oversee the administration of the Hong Kong domain names

Business owners in Hong Kong who want to purchase a domain name must do so from one of the accredited registrars who provide internet registration services. Our company registration agents in Hong Kong can help you purchase a domain name.

Domain categories in Hong Kong

Domain names in Hong Kong can contain Chinese characters or an English name. Restrictions exist as per the use of mixed characters: at least one Chinese character is needed in a Chinese domain name and those domains that are registered in English cannot contain a Chinese character.

Commercial entities, non-profit organizations and network service providers can have an additional abbreviation, as follows: .com.org.net.edu. .gov and others.

Assistance for domain name registration in Hong Kong

Most accredited registrars will conclude domain name registrations for a minimum period of one year. The domain name buyer will need to provide a few documents, as requested. The business registration certificate will need to be provided in some cases, especially when purchasing a domain name for a company registered in Hong Kong.

The domain name must have a minimum and a maximum length, numbers and hyphens are allowed. The registration of the new domain name can take between one and three days and the subscription can be renewed. 

Our company registration consultants in Hong Kong can help you register a domain name for a local legal entity or for an international company. If you have questions regarding domain name registration please do not hesitate to contact our agents