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Registering a Trading Company with the Hong Kong Customs

Registering a Trading Company with the Hong Kong Customs

Trading companies in Hong Kong need to register with the Hong Kong Customs in order to clear for sea or cargo transportation. The Customs and Excise Department handles the inspection of the cargo and shipments as well as the licensing controls for import and export companies.

If you want to open a company in Hong Kong that engages in trade, our experts can help you understand the various licensing requirements for these types of companies.

We invite you to watch a video about trading company registration in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong customs registration

For the purpose of registration with the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, companies must submit a special registration form. Once the Customs processes the application, a registration number is issued and communicated to the applicant.

A typical registration form, for sea customs clearance, for example, includes basic information about the Hong Kong company like its name (in English and/or Chinese), business address and registration number and details about the cargo transported, both inbound and outbound.

Our company registration experts in Hong Kong can give you additional information about the enforcement of the trade laws and regulations in the city, including trade facilitation, trade controls or cargo clearance.

Importing and exporting requirements in Hong Kong

The Special Administrative Region imposes a series of strict policies for the clearance of terms entering and leaving the city. For this purpose, trade companies in Hong Kong need to not only have the adequate special permits and licenses but also pass the import and export clearance performed by the Customs and Excise Department.

The documents that need to be submitted when bringing goods into Hong Kong or exporting them are the manifests, the import/export licenses, the bill of landing, airway bill and any necessary invoices. A cargo examination can also be performed.  Some import/export products are included on a list of strategic commodities that are subject to more stringent control and examination.

For complete details about the import and export requirements for companies please feel free to contact our Hong Kong company registration experts.