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Relocation Assistance in Hong Kong

Relocation Assistance in Hong Kong

For anyone moving to the city, either for personal or business purposes, professional relocation assistance for moving to Hong Kong can be very helpful and can streamline the entire process. Relocation services are used both by entrepreneurs who want to move their business from a foreign city to Hong Kong and by individuals who need to move alone or with their families, as part of their decision to immigrate to Hong Kong.

The experts at our Hong Kong company formation firm can help you throughout the relocation process or if you want to open a company in Hong Kong. With our help you will be able to prepare for the move and have all your affairs in order once you reach the city.

Quick Facts   
 Company relocation services (Yes/No)  Yes

Company relocation package main services 

 Complete company incorporation services, as needed to relocate the business from a foreign jurisdiction to Hong Kong.

 Employee relocation services (Yes/No)


Employee relocation package services  Assistance for employers, as well as assistance for employees (filing in the needed applications, making sure that the submissions to the Immigration Department are correct, etc.). 
Virtual office relocation packages 

Upon request, we provide solutions for companies for which working via a virtual office is a suitable business choice.  

 Short-term relocation assistance

Our team will guide you throughout the arrangements you need to make if only relocating to Hong Kong for short-term purposes. 

 Long-term relocation services in Hong Kong

 If your plan is to relocate for medium to long-term purposes, our team will assist you in making all the needed arrangements.

 Residence permit renewals

We also assist those looking to renew their residence permits. 

 Family reunification for those who relocate to Hong Kong

Holders of some types of long-term residence permits can be joined by family members. Our team will give you more details. 

 Assistance for investors relocating to Hong Kong  Complete solutions for foreign nationals applying for the residence permit as entrepreneurs.
 Personalized services for Mainland residents relocating to Hong Kong

Our team also assists Mainland China residents and citizens who wish to relocate to Hong Kong. 

Tax consultancy for relocation purposes 

 We can answer questions about your tax liabilities once you complete your relocation to Hong Kong.

 Accounting solutions for relocated businesses

Accounting packages upon request, provided by our CPA in Hong Kong. 

 Additional services

 Our team also assists foreign companies looking to expand to the HKSAR by opening branches.

 When to contact us As soon as you start considering your relocation options. 

Business and individual relocation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very attractive city. Its location puts it on the map of the most attractive business hubs in the world and the quality of life, although more expensive that in other Asian countries, is considered to be better than in the rest of the area. The purpose of relocation is to provide for better opportunities, both for business and personal growth. Employees who decide to move to Hong Kong do so in order to have access to higher paid jobs with better prospects for growth. Also families that live here have access to good education for their children and a multicultural environment.

Our agents are able to help you with relocation advice before beginning the actual process. Once you decide to relocate to Hong Kong, we can help you find storage solutions and get any needed documents in order. When moving your business to Hong Kong it is important to find the right office space but it is equally important to be prepared for living and doing business here, and also understand the taxation system and legal requirements for expats in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong relocation services

Our company registration specialists in Hong Kong can help you with:

  • office relocation if your main goal is to set up a company in Hong Kong/relocate an existing one here;
  • property purchase or rent in Hong Kong;
  • employee support;
  • family support;
  • services for those who immigrate to Hong Kong;
  • tax consultancy.

Our consultants will make sure that the relocation goes as smoothly as possible. We can help you obtain the required documents, like visas for Hong Kong and make all the necessary arrangements for starting a new life in the city.

Set up a company in Hong Kong and relocate

Natural and legal persons interested in complete relocation to Hong Kong are understood to have the goal of remaining in the HKSAR for permanent purposes.

While the relocation of a corporation to Hong Kong will involve its registration with the Companies Registry as a new legal entity incorporated as per the Hong Kong laws, foreign entrepreneurs can make their first step towards relocation by applying for an entry permit for investment as entrepreneur.

Our team briefly lists the main steps to follow for the purpose of relocating a business. Esentially, these are the same steps to follow for company formation in Hong Kong:

  1. Choose a company type: most often, this is the private limited company as it allows investors to have their personal assets protected (they have limited liability) and it does not require a mandatory minimum share capital;
  2. Select a suitable business name: the desired company name needs to be checked for availability; ideally, the relocated company will keep its name if available;
  3. Prepare the documents: these are the Memorandum and the Articles of Association; our team assists investors with their drafting;
  4. Register: each new LLC is registered with the Companies Registry; the registration process is streamlined and, in some cases, these can be processed during the same day (please see our team for information on the processing times, according to business form and the manner in which the registration is applied for).

Once the new company receives its Business Registration Certificate, it needs to display it at its place of business. As far as the post-registration company compliance requirements are concerned, our team also includes a Hong Kong accountant who can answer your questions about the taxation of a business that was relocated here. We can also answer questions about individual taxation.

We invite you to watch a video about relocation to Hong Kong:

Your first steps to relocate to Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a good business climate, making it a location of choice for international investors. This means that those interested in setting up a company in Hong Kong will benefit from the low tax rates and the easy company formation procedures.

The first step for relocation is to consider your options and to determine the entry route in the HKSAR. Some of the main types of visas used by those who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong are the following:

  • Employment: under the General Employment Policy, or the Admission Scheme for talented workers; this is the suitable route for those who are not considering setting up a company in Hong Kong
  • Study: for students who were admitted to a recognized private school, or have taken up studies in an accredited postsecondary programme;
  • Investment: the visa for investment as entrepreneurs, briefly summarized above by our team;
  • Family reunification: the visa for dependents, which can be used for a spouse, for elderly parents, or for minor children (subject to certain criteria).

Each of these types of visas has its own conditions, and the issued residence permit has a certain validity period. For medium to long-term stays, the residence permit holder will renew the document as needed (before the initial one expires), as long as his/her conditions remain unchanged.

If, after you immigrate to Hong Kong, your situation changes, our team can give you details on how you can change your residence permit type, so that you may continue to remain in Hong Kong. As part of our relocation services, our team ensures that our clients are compliant with the ongoing immigration legislation.

Visas and residence permits in Hong Kong

A key step for all foreign nationals who relocate to Hong Kong is their lawful entry into the Special Administrative Region. In most cases, a visa is required, however, visas are issued for short-term business trips or other purposes that do not involve lengthy stays.

In order to immigrate to Hong Kong, foreign nationals will need to obtain the right to reside, offered when holding a valid residence permit for Hong Kong. While the option to open a company in Hong Kong is not available (or suitable) for all expats, applying for the right type of permit is mandatory and it is a step that takes place before arrival in the HKSAR in most cases.

Understanding the requirements that apply to each type of visa is a key part of the relocation process, as the correct submission of documents allows the applicant to expect a successful outcome, as opposed to the situation in which he or she would be asked to provide additional or other documents.

The list below includes the main requirements for those applying for a residence permit under a General Employment Policy for non-Mainland residents:

  • First, obtain a job that is in line with the applicant’s qualifications and/or experience and for which the position cannot be filled by local workforce;
  • Make sure that the remuneration is in line with the market requirements.

Starting with the end of 2022, the initial duration of stay for foreign nationals admitted under the general employment policy has been increased from 2 years to 3 years, provided that the individual remains employed during this time, and subject to the condition that the employment agreement also covers this period.

Working with a team of local specialists, such as our Hong Kong company formation agents, allows applicants to observe the requirements and the correct steps for the process.

The documents briefly outlined above are suitable for applicants who are interested in accessing the residence permit under the General Employment Policy for professionals. If you would like to open a company in Hong Kong, you will likely need to access the General Employment Policy for Entrepreneurs. Our team can answer your questions, depending on your particular case.

A set of measures was implemented recently in order to enhance the admission policy for professionals who apply for the investment scheme, with the most important one being that the duration of stay for those who are admitted for investment as entrepreneurs is extended from 2 years to 3 years with the condition of employment.

According to data from the Immigration Department, the total number of employment visas across all business sectors was 11,432 during the first half of 2023. Statistical figures show the following:

  • 981 of all applications for a visa under the General Employment Policy in 2023 (Jan-Jun) were by Japanese citizens; 797 applications were made by US citizens;
  • the total number of employment visas for the financial services sector was 1,017 during the first half of 2023;
  • the academic qualification for most applicants was a Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent.

Main reasons to relocate to Hong Kong

For many foreign nationals who immigrate to Hong Kong, one or more of the following motives stand behind their decision to relocate:

  • a large and well-developed economy;
  • English is one of the official languages;
  • low tax rates compared to other jurisdictions;
  • employment opportunities and attractive salaries, especially in certain employment sectors;
  • an attractive business climate for entrepreneurs, and a focus on new and innovative technologies;
  • a multicultural environment where foreigners, businesspeople, and employees from many countries choose to live.

The authorities focus on attracting talent to Hong Kong. What this means is that the Government implements several programs for talented foreign nationals, such as the special admission scheme for talents, professionals, and entrepreneurs, or the admission scheme for quality migrants.

Given these special schemes, many highly skilled professionals may find that their knowledge may be suitable for a Hong Kong employer. If this is the case, the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (or QMAS) is also suitable for those who have not secured a job offer in Hong Kong but are interested in working in the HKSAR nonetheless.

The ease of relocation under one of these special programs can represent an attractive reason to move to Hong Kong, as foreign nationals, and talented or highly skilled individuals, are offered new and important opportunities for their career.

If you wish to know more about how you can easily relocate, or if you qualify for a special immigration program in Hong Kong, our team is ready to answer your questions.

Contact our Hong Kong company formation representatives for more information about living and opening companies in Hong Kong. Businessmen interested in relocating their companies in other countries, can receive assistance from our partner law firm specialized in immigration in Portugal or from our specialists in immigration matters in Spain.