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Selling Tobacco Products in Hong Kong

Updated on Monday 01st April 2019

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Selling-Tobacco-Products-in-Hong-Kong.jpgBy Vlad Cuc, specialist in company formation matters 

Rules for commercializing tobacco products in Hong Kong

The Smoking Public Health Ordinance sets forth the rules for selling tobacco products in Hong Kong. Products that fall into this category include cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco or cigarette tobacco. Individuals are prohibited from selling cigarettes individually; they must be sold only in a package with at least 20 pieces.
Selling from vending machines or selling products that contact an amount of tar that exceeds 17 milligrams is strictly forbidden in Hong Kong. Furthermore, companies that commercialize tobacco products must observe the regulations for properly packaging their products and labeling them with the approved warning signs. 
If you own a company in Hong Kong and want to engage in the sale of tobacco products our company registration consultants in Hong Kong can help you understand the tobacco control legislation in the city.

Mandatory provisions for selling tobacco

Health warnings are mandatory on all cigarette packages and retail containers. According to the Smoking Public Health Ordinance, sellers must make sure that their commercialized products contain a health warning about the dangers of tar and nicotine. This warning has a standard form and must be used accordingly.
A text description and a graphic content must appear together on the cigarette package. They must be imprinted on the two largest surfaces of the package. One side will bear the Chinese version and the other the English version. The health warning must occupy at least 50% of the area on the surface on which it is displayed. 

Prohibited tobacco sale in Hong Kong

The law requires that tobacco products are not to be sold to any persons under the age of 18 and neither shall tobacco be advertised to such individuals or given for promotional purposes. Stores that sell cigarettes must place a clear sign in English and Chinese that no tobacco products shall be sold to persons under 18.
Tobacco products cannot be sold or give in exchange for tokens or as prize in events or competitions. They must not be sold together with non-tobacco products and shall not include or be accompanied by gifts.
For more information about the Smoking Public Health Ordinance and other laws indirectly related to tobacco control, such as laws prohibiting smoking in certain areas, you can contact our company registration representatives in Hong Kong
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