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Start a Courier Business in Hong Kong

Updated on Thursday 23rd September 2021

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Start-a-Courier-Business-in-Hong-Kong.jpgA courier business can be a suitable idea for those investors who are looking to start a company that has many lucrative opportunities and a relatively low initial investment cost, compared to start-ups in other business fields. 
Those who want to start a courier business in Hong Kong will need to have a few good employees and a headquarters from which the logistics of the business can be taken care of. The company can start with one or two vehicles and then expand its number of companies and employees.
Company formation in Hong Kong is easy and straightforward. The formalities and requirements for companies, including courier companies, are encouraging for many investors who are looking to start their own business.
The following video presents the main steps for opening a courier business in Hong Kong


Courier companies in Hong Kong 

Courier businesses in Hong Kong can start small and grow steadily, by expanding their number of clients and the delivery services they provide.
This type of business can be lucrative and it requires a low initial investment, to begin with. There are no special requirements or qualifications for employees in this field; however, the company in Hong Kong will need to have a registered office in the city.
Foreign investors in Hong Kong can also explore this business option as there are no requirements or special restrictions for foreign investments in this field. A company is required however to have a resident secretary. Our company formation agents in Hong Kong can give you further details on the requirements for company management. You also have the possibility of buying a shelf company in Hong Kong in order to start your courier business.

Open a Hong Kong company

The first step for starting a courier business in Hong Kong is having a business plan, an initial capital, and an original business name. The Hong Kong company formation laws require that companies apply for a unique business name; company name verification is possible.
The private limited company is a popular business choice for courier businesses and there are no mandatory requirements for an initial share capital. The shareholders in Hong Kong are only liable up to the extent of their capital contributions. 
Companies in Hong Kong are subject to a corporate income tax and other taxes for companies. One of our Hong Kong company formation agents can give you complete details on the taxation regime for your type of company.
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