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Why Invest in the Hong Kong Healthcare Sector?

Why Invest in the Hong Kong Healthcare Sector?

A rapidly expanding business sector 

The healthcare sector in Hong Kong and in the rest of China is very attractive for foreign investors. Recent reforms undertaken by the Chinese Government have encouraged the expansion of this business field, especially in the area of private healthcare. Investors in Hong Kong interested in healthcare are allowed to have full foreign ownership, compared to the previous rule for only 30% ownership.

If you are interested in investing in this rapidly expanding business field our company registration agents in Hong Kong are ready to provide you with qualified assistance and advice.

You can also watch the video below for an outlook of the healthcare industry in Hong Kong:

The health sector in Hong Kong

Foreign investors in Hong Kong have multiple options for investing in healthcare. The privatization of public hospitals is encouraged in the city and Mainland China and investors can sometimes engage in the complete privatization of these units. Another option is to choose to engage in the development of new hospitals.

Hospitals are not the only option for investments. Hong Kong has a highly developed healthcare system that also includes rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. Other options can include investments in information systems for hospitals or technological solutions.

Our team of representatives in Hong Kong can help you invest in a healthcare sub-sector in Hong Kong or open a company in Hong Kong that operates in the medical or healthcare sector.

Biomedical investments in Hong Kong

The biomedical and pharmaceuticals sectors are also attractive for foreign investors. They are connected to the healthcare system and Hong Kong companies activating in these fields can benefit from setting up a business in an innovative and growing market.

Hong Kong has one of the highest per capita healthcare spend in Asia. The city has a skilled workforce and healthcare providers are offering quality medical services. Companies that choose to engage in research and development activities for medical and healthcare equipment can benefit from certain incentives.

If you are looking forward starting a medical or healthcare business in Hong Kong or if you want to expand an already existing business you can contact our company registration consultants in Hong Kong.