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Why Set Up a Bookstore in Hong Kong?

Why Set Up a Bookstore in Hong Kong?

Opening a bookstore and creating a welcoming place for all book lovers can be a very appealing business idea for entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. So why set up a bookstore in Hong Kong in an age when electronic book formats are more available than ever?

Bookstore owners in Hong Kong can engage not only in the business of selling books but also drive their business by providing special services and an overall very pleasurable reading experience to their clients.

Our Hong Kong company formation experts highlight the main steps needed to open a bookstore in the city and the first things investors should have into consideration.

The following video highlights the steps for opening a bookstore in Hong Kong

Reasons to open a bookstore in Hong Kong

Bookstore experience is an important factor and it can be a key element between a successful bookstore and a failing business. The joy of reading can be instilled to clients of all ages: from children who will enjoy reading in a cozy space in the bookstore to adults who are perhaps looking for event book launches and the change to meet the writers. 

Traditional bookstores can use various techniques to keep pace with their online counterparts. Online platforms are sometimes thought to be the demise of traditional bookstores, along with the popular e-book readers. However, these are not always an option since many titles are not readily available electronically, in Chinese.

It is not uncommon for investors in the publishing industry to turn their attention to opening a bookstore in Hong Kong. One of our Hong Kong company formation specialists can help you diversify the business. 

How to open your company in Hong Kong

The private limited liability company is a popular type of business chosen by those who want to open a bookstore. This type of legal entity allows the founders to bear liability only up to their amount of the capital invested in the corporation. Another advantage is that there are no requirements for a minimum share capital. 

Company formation in Hong Kong is straightforward and can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Bookstore owners are required to find an available company name, open a bank account in Hong Kong and submit the company incorporation documents. The business registration is made with the Companies Registry.

For more information and details on the requirements for opening a company in the city, please contact our company formation agents in Hong Kong