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Work Permit in Hong Kong

Work Permit in Hong Kong

Living and working In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only an international business destination, it is also a city with a large concentration of expatriates from all over the world who come to work and live here.  A work permit is needed in Hong Kong by all those who want to find a job in the city. In order to obtain a Hong Kong work visa, the foreigner must fulfil a series of criteria.

Our company formation agents in Hong Kong are ready to help you obtain your work visa or help you with the employment procedure if you are an entrepreneur in Hong Kong who wants to hire foreign employees.

Criteria for obtaining a work permit in Hong Kong

The first step any foreigner must make is obtain a solid employment offer from a Hong Kong company or employer. This can be done either before arriving to Hong Kong or after, but it is ideal to begin searching for a job before arriving in the city. Once the job agreement is in place, an application for the work visa can be submitted at the Immigration Service.

The basic criteria take into consideration by the Hong Kong Immigration Service includes the following:

– a graduate degree or valuable technical experience in a certain business field;

– experience in the desired position;

– a good salary that observes the local standards (the lowest values are around 20,000 HK$);

– proof that the foreign candidate’s skills are valuable and cannot be matched by a local;

– proof that the foreign individual will contribute to the local economy.

While not all of these criteria are quantifiable, applicants should do their best to prove their experience and expertise if wanting to work in Hong Kong. Work visa applications usually take between 7 and 8 weeks to be processed. While some are rejected due to various reasons, most of them are accepted.

The application procedure for a work permit in Hong Kong

Applicants for a work visa in Hong Kong and employing companies must each submit an application form at the Immigration Department. All the forms must be duly completed and signed. The following documents are also required with the application: a recent photograph, copy of the applicant’s travel documents, copy of the applicant’s academic records and relevant work experience, copy of the applicant’s current residence.

Our company formation representatives in Hong Kong can help you submit all the relevant documents and complete the application for obtaining a work visa in Hong Kong.

Please contact our office for more information.