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Workforce in Hong Kong

Workforce in Hong Kong

Working in Hong Kong

Asia has a fast growing economy and is attracting more and more investors. Important cities like Hong Kong are a hub for international businesses and entrepreneurs. The workforce in Hong Kong is adaptableenergetic and ready to meet the demands of international companies that set up offices in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a population of more than 7 million and offers diverse opportunities for businesses. Chinese and English are official languages here, and this gives investors the opportunity to open a company in Hong Kong that will have access to both the Eastern and Western cultures.

Employees in Hong Kong

In a city that progresses as fast as Hong Kong, the workforce has to be adaptable. The job market is competitive and employees need to have the necessary skills required by companies. Workers in Hong Kong have various educational backgrounds, college degrees and many of them speak at least the two official languages, Chinese and English. Hong Kong has a good pool of talented workers who work in various economic areas. Male employees in Hong Kong are slightly more than women (51.6 vs. 48.4 in 2013).

Hong Kong is a gateway to Mainland China and the young workforce here has grown up in a globalized and well-connected environment. Investors who open a company in Hong Kong may still need to offer training programs to employees for specific skills, but the workforce in Hong Kong is one reason why business owners chose to open a company here. If you are interested in company formation in Hong Kong, our agents can help you with various services.

Employment in Hong Kong

After the company formation procedure in Hong Kong is complete, foreign investors need to look towards hiring personnel. The labor legislation contains the Employment Ordinance and other relevant international labor conventions. Employers in Hong Kong need to observe special regulations for providing working conditions, occupational safety and health, employees’ compensation and services.

Our Hong Kong company formation specialists can give you detailed information about hiring employees and the pool of workforce available for your business field. Please contact us if you need any help with company registration in Hong Kong.