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Yacht/Boat Registration in Hong Kong

Yacht/Boat Registration in Hong Kong

All local boat or yacht owners must operate the vessels based on a certificate of competence and must have relevant licenses for their type of vessel.

Those who want to open a Hong Kong company that offers various water-sports services or yacht cruises must comply with the existent licensing requirements not only for their type of vessel but also for their type of business activity. 

Types of vessels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s coastline offers beautiful scenery and a multitude of options when it comes to water sports and pleasure boating. Sailing, boating, water skiing and other water sports are popular among tourists but there are many locals or expats who prefer to purchase their own vessel for personal boating purposes.

According to the local vessel classification system, pleasure vessels include cruiser vessel and open cruisers and auxiliary powered yachts. The cruiser is the type of vessel with a continuous upper deck and it has a limited number of persons if can carry onboard, according to its size.

All vessels are registered with the Hong Kong Marine Department. One of our Hong Kong company formation agents can help you comply with the existing requirements if you are a vessel owner.

Vessel licensing in Hong Kong

Yachts and all pleasure vessels in Hong Kong may be operated only by trained and qualified individuals and only if the vessel itself is licensed

The application for vessel licensing is filed with the Marine Department. Applicants must submit a dully completed form, provide the needed documents (including the purchase agreement for the vessel, building certificate, engine certification for the boat, etc.). Special fees apply for registration.

Yachts and pleasure vessels in Hong Kong must have a third-party insurance policy. Minimum amounts apply in case of insurance.

Contact our agents who specialize in company registration in Hong Kong for complete details on how to register the vessel and the qualifications needed to operate a water sports or leisure boating business.