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Confidentiality Clause in Hong Kong

Confidentiality Clause in Hong Kong

Confidentiality-Clause-in-Hong-Kong.jpgUsing a confidentiality clause in Hong Kong

confidentiality clause can be included in any contract signed between two parties in Hong Kong. It is a legally binding document and it is used to protect trade secrets, know-how and any other information which, if disclosed, could harm one or both parties. An employer in Hong Kong can make this clause mandatory for his employees.

Confidentiality agreements are usually signed in those business sectors in which companies and individuals perform a high degree of information exchange. This can be done for inventions, research, development, trading and other sectors.  

Our team of company registration representatives can help you conclude such an agreement or to include a confidentiality clause as an amendment to an existing contract.

Non-disclosure agreements in Hong Kong

The confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement should always be signed before the actual exchange of information takes place. This is particularly important in businesses where trade secrets and know-how are a competitive advantage.

Confidentiality agreements can be signed between business partners or between a business owner in Hong Kong and his employees, entrusted with delicate and important information. The protected information must be clearly specified in the agreement as well as the manner in which the individuals that have access to the classified information are allowed to use it. The document can also include the standard types of unprotected information, including that received by one of the parties through legal means, independently and rightfully. 

Some non-disclosure agreements can specify a period of time after the termination of the agreement during which the parties are still prohibited from using the confidential information.

Intellectual property protection in Hong Kong

Intellectual property is protected in Hong Kong through various laws regarding patents, trademarks in Hong Kong, registered designs, copyrights and others. The confidentiality agreement is a basic instrument that can be used to further safeguard existing rights

The basic requirements for a non-disclosure agreement can be adjusted as per the needs of the parties signing the document. For personalized advice on concluding a tailored confidentiality agreement, you can contact our company registration agents in Hong Kong.