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Open a Shop in Hong Kong

Open a Shop in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city known for its shopping areas that blend high-end luxury shops with boutiques or Chinese shops. The retail sector is a developed one, with multiple opportunities for investment.

Entrepreneurs who want to know how to open a shop in Hong Kong can rely on the services provided by our Hong Kong company formation agents. 

We invite you to watch the following video on the steps needed to open a shop in Hong Kong:

Special considerations for opening a shop in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong retail sector is a growing one, sustained both by tourists and by the neighboring Chinese who prefer to shop in the Special Administrative Region. Luxury sales also occupy an important percentage of the overall retail sector sales.

Investors who want to start a shop in Hong Kong have access to a dynamic market and customers who have good purchase power. Shops in Hong Kong are located in popular shopping areas or districts, in malls and department stores or on shopping streets/street markets. 

The location of the shop is important and will depend on the available budget (for rent purposes) and the types of products sold in the shop. For example, the Sheung Wan area is known for the handicrafts and fabrics shops while Tsim Sha Tsui is more of a world bazaar and the Central and Soho regions are those preferred by luxury shoppers. 

The initial business start-up costs will include those related to company formation in Hong Kong, renting or buying property, designing the shop, importing products (if needed), advertising/marketing costs, hiring employees in Hong Kong and others.

For the steps needed to open a Hong Kong company, you can talk to one of our agents who will be able to give you in-depth information on the registration steps and fees.

Retail companies in Hong Kong

Shops in Hong Kong and, in general, all entrepreneurs involved in the retail business will need to obtain special permits and licenses to operate their business. These can be related to import licenses or permits for selling various products, from tobacco or liquor.

All companies in Hong Kong are registered with the Companies Registry. There are no requirements for a minimum share capital, however, investors will be required to have a locally registered office.

For more information on company registration in Hong Kong please do not hesitate to contact us