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Real Estate Due Diligence in Hong Kong

Real Estate Due Diligence in Hong Kong

The real estate market in Hong Kong

Real estate due diligence in Hong Kong can be performed for both commercial and residential properties before the final sale-purchase agreement is concluded. The purpose of the real estate due diligence process is to verify if the building is in good condition, if there are any leases or mortgages and if the buyer is paying the right price.

Hong Kong has no restrictions on foreign ownership for properties or occupation of land. The state owns all of the purchasable land and land owners are offered a Government Lease when purchasing land parcels in the city.

Our Hong Kong company formation specialists can help you verify a property before purchasing it. We can also help you conclude the sale agreements and the necessary document to finalize the transaction.

Verifying a property in Hong Kong

A property in Hong Kong is registered in the Land Registry. The following documents are relevant for providing information about real estate:

– deeds of assignment;

– leases and legal charges

– agreements for sale and purchase

– court orders (if any).

Individuals can search the Land Registry in Hong Kong through an online platform. The real estate due diligence process is useful both for individuals who work in Hong Kong and are looking to buy a house as well as for business owners who have opened a company and are looking for an office space. Foreign investors who want to enter the real estate market and are looking for commercial properties to invest in can also benefit from requesting this service.

Real estate due diligence services in Hong Kong

The real estate due diligence process is performed by a specialist adviser who will know what relevant information to look for. Our company registration agents in Hong Kong can perform a real estate due diligence verification, focused on the following issues:

– the title documents;

– the building plan and other government zoning plans;

– environmental and insurance verifications;

– building works verification and engineering verification;

– litigation and corporate verifications as well as a check-up of any tenancy documents and other contracts concluded before the buy.

You can contact our Hong Kong company formation representatives to request personalized information and advice if you are willing to purchase a property in Hong Kong.

You can also contact us for any company registration issues in Hong Kong.