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Set up a Non-Profit Organization in Hong Kong

Set up a Non-Profit Organization in Hong Kong

By Vlad Cuc, specialist in company formation matters 

Non-profit organizations or charitable institutions can be used to provide assistance and aid in a number of sectors like education or healthcare. These voluntary or non-profit organizations must qualify as a charity in order to benefit from a tax exemption from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.

Not all non-profit organizations are considered charities or function as such. Those who want to invest in this type of organizations, regardless of its charity purpose, can request the help provided by a team of company registration agents in Hong Kong

Our experts invite you to watch a video on setting up these types of companies in Hong Kong: 

Investors interested in setting up a Hong Kong company of a different sort, or one that activates in a specific business field can reach out to our local team of company formation experts. We are able to answer questions not only about the general company formation steps, but also about licensing and control, taxation, and other important matters. 

Non-profit or charitable organizations in Hong Kong

The purposes generally accepted as charitable under the Hong Kong law include the following:

– poverty relief;

– education support and/or advancement of education;

– religious organizations or those use to promote the advancement of religion;

– other charitable acts for the community

Investors who want to open a Hong Kong company and register it as a non-profit organization should be aware that the acts and activities that qualify as charitable under the directives of the Inland Revenue Department are only regarded as such as long as the organization performs these acts to the benefit of the Hong Kong community.

Company registration in Hong Kong is an easy and quick process and it also applies to non-profit organizations or foundations. 

Non-profit organization set-up in Hong Kong

The non-profit organization or charity can be set-up in the form of a trust in Hong Kong. alternatively, investors can open a company.

The legal status of a charity of Hong Kong will be that of a limited liability company, should the investor choose to set-up a company for charitable purposes instead of a fund. The company registration process includes a few basic steps, among which picking up an available name for the future non-profit organization, drawing up the company’s Articles of Association and appointing the company directors.

According to the Inland Revenue Ordinance, legal entities that qualify as charities in Hong Kong are exempt from taxation. Those who open a Hong Kong company that is considered a charitable institution will benefit from a profits tax exemption of the profits obtained are used solely for charitable purposes. 

You can contact our company registration agents in Hong Kong for more detailed information on the set-up and taxation of a non-profit organization in the city.